Mission Statement

To provide best practice professional after hours support for our GP subscribers and the patients who use our service.

To provide affordable, appropriate in home after hours medical care.

To provide a supportive, collaborative workplace that promotes personal responsibility in delivering excellence  through accountability and recognition.    


Humanity            Empathy              Responsibility              Communication             Cooperation

Medical Deputising & Locum Agency

The Australian Locum Medical Service (ALMS) was founded in 1969 with the objectives of providing a better quality of life to General Practitioners (GPs), by assisting them in the provision of after hours care to their patients. It has developed over many years to provide not only world class service to patients but also the opportunity for both local and overseas doctors to experience this challenging and rewarding workplace.  ALMS has been providing medical deputising services for GPs in Melbourne and Perth for over 43 years and is the first Medical Deputising Service (MDS) established in these cities, currently providing after-hours primary care for the patients of nearly 2,000 GPs.  ALMS also provides its Medical Deputising Services in Brisbane and Sydney, utilising the extensive expertise and experience it has gained to provide doctors and their patients with comprehensive and coordinated after hours care. Such long term experience in this challenging and ever changing industry enables the provision of unparalleled, professional, after-hours support.

The Australian Locum Medical Service has a long history of collaboration with all sectors of the health industry including the Department of Health and Ageing, the Australian Medical Association, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Medicare Locals, Commonwealth and State Governments and emergency services. This ensures that the service provided to our GP subscribers and their patients is compliant with best practice as recommended by these key health care organisations.

The Australian Locum Medical Service is an Accredited Medical Deputising Service, to Standards set by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

ALMS has further committed to the quality of care provided with its existing services meeting the National Association for Medical Deputising Services (NAMDS) Definition of a Medical Deputising Service. This definition has been adopted by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing Approved Medical Deputising Service Program (AMDSP).

The Australian Locum Medical Service played a key role in the foundation of the National Association for Medical Deputising Services (NAMDS) in 1992. NAMDS is the organisation best placed to provide comprehensive advice regarding all elements of the provision of afterhours GP care. It is recognized as the peak negotiating body for the medical deputising sector by both State and Federal Governments and continues to be instrumental in the development of standards, determining strategies and supporting the interests of an estimated 9000 General Practitioners who subscribe to Medical Deputising Services across Australia.

ALMS  existing services maintain continuous and current membership of the National Association for Medical Deputising Services and we are therefore best placed to monitor and react to issues relating to the provision of afterhours care with key stake holders in the health industry.

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